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Wednesday, May 26, 2004

I am so tired of watching tragic events play out in front of me day after day after day here at work.

Why do I work here?

Working here on most days makes me feel like hunting down a cartoon network employee and spitting on him/her.

Monday, May 24, 2004

I never had any idea how truly malicious the members of the morning show on 99x are. During some internet surfing I discovered some offensive material from them regarding bicycles and the road.

For the two years I spent as a bicycle courier here on the streets of Atlanta, I was constantly made aware of who really owns the road. I had more than a few close calls with cars and found that Atlanta motorists have some serious issues with cyclists who want their share of the road.

I remember one afternoon in particular on Peachtree Street next to the High Museum of Art, a mother with two small children in a Volvo station wagon did not like me being on the road. She made her stand known by laying on the horn and then an attempt to run me off the road and onto the sidewalk with the fender of her car. (Where are the police when you need them?) Afterwards, I caught up to her at the light at 14th street and did my best to inform her of my rights and that she was out of line for trying to bring harm to me. She screamed and yelled about getting on the sidewalk and sped away when the light turned green.

It was from this experience that I came to the realization that some motorists are really interested in bringing physical harm to cyclists who try to use the street. I can also say from experiences like the one above that Atlanta is one of the worst places to ride a bicycle in the United States.

Enter 99x. Wow. I had no idea that these guys could say such things about bicyclists. One of them even joked about nudging cyclists off into trees with his automobile. Having had this happen to me on more than one occasion leads me to believe that this "shock jock" has actually done this in the past and enjoyed it?

This event happened back in April and since then, we have been informed that these people have been disciplined and made a formal apology on the radio. Was that really enough? I don't think that these people understand how impressionable their teenage listeners are or maybe they do and they just don't give a damn.

The weekend found me in Athens Ga.
I don't think I could ever live there. Seeing all of the students living it up just makes me feel old...