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Monday, January 17, 2005

self portrait

selfportrait, originally uploaded by jekemp.

I took this photo of myself last weekend around midnight in my friends bathroom immediately after drinking a few glasses of scotch. yay.

I realize that I have been neglecting this blog to a rather large degree as of late but, have you ever had the feeling that maybe you just were not cut out for daily updates. Maybe this particular blogger has nothing to say on any given day. I am invisible in reality and nearly so in cyberspace. It does not really bother the writer that there is so little insight to choose from but damn, I do love the attention.

In the past, I was very interested in making the scene around Atlanta but these days, I hardly leave the house. It seems like there is no point, and its time to move on. I have met some really great people from my adventures but some just leave me wondering what's wrong with them. I have been enjoying my flickr account as of late and that too has been causing the writing here to literally dry up.