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Friday, October 22, 2004

I saw a trailer for a documentary about Anne Frank last night and one of the people interviewed said that we would not know anything about her if she had not kept a diary. This got me to thinking about blogs and the internet as a medium for personal journals. Will this blog be around to read in fifty years? Will anybody even be interested in reading it?

This is a blog in a virtual sea of similar blogs and there seems little that separates my thoughts, concepts, and ideas from the work of others. How can anyone really tell the difference between two blades of grass that occupy an entire lawn? This is how I look at blogging as of late, I try to read as much as I can but there are only so many hours in a day and this is purely using time that I could have otherwise spent on some other activity.

A blog of note may have ideas or information that is lacking in other places and this may, if discovered, could become a blog of note but like all things out in cyberspace, who can really say?

Is there a value placed on the efforts of the individual anymore?

It seems that things done on an individual level, whether they are a collection of words or photographs lose their meaning as they become part of the larger collection that is the internet. In regards to the people who use this medium, where is the future of their endeavors? Who will take the time to save all of this discourse for future generations to read and enjoy?

Maybe I need to transfer this to an analog format and hide it in a cool and dry place with the hopes that some future explorer comes across it and shares it again for the world to see.

Sake set

Sake set

Its Friday!

There is good news today in the realm of my goals in higher education, it looks like my employer, Insert name here, a company within insert name here will be paying half of my tuition and education related expenses. This is perhaps the greatest perk this company has ever given me and I am truly grateful that such a thing exists here.
I am well aware that if it did not get this, I would never be able to go back unless I won the lotto or something. When I first discovered this program, I asked my immediate supervisor about it and he informed me that I was not eligible and my current job did not allow me such opportunities within the company. I am sure glad I went and asked another one of my managers because the information he gave me was simply not true. I have to admit that his response has caused me to distrust him in regards to my corporate well being.

I have wondered on a few separate times in the past when I never heard back from hiring managers or recruiters after I sent my resume out if they had called him to inquire about me.

I sometimes wonder what he would say...

Would he prevent me from leaving my post for better internal opportunities? Is he actively working against my perceived goals? Am I working along side a treacherous wolf in the guise of a mild mannered sheep?

I very well just may be...

Wednesday, October 20, 2004

I cancelled my fotolog subscription today, it seemed that they are just not on the ball anymore, my page is always slow to load on a t1 line so I can only imagine how bad it is for someone with a slower connection than mine. I have decided to move my online subscription money towards as they seem to have more features and bandwidth for the money. On another note, I hate to say it but what is the deal with Brazilians on fotolog?

According to the website, there are 275,392 users in Brazil as oppossed to 51,955 in the United States on
fotolog. I can't decipher their comments to save my life and the pictures they take for the most part are complete garbage. Let them pay $5.00 a month and leave me out of it. Of course, very few Brazilians seem to be supporting the site based on their numbers so I am out. The difference in features for paying users is not that attractive either.

That is my take on the site and I hope to see more people who take decent pictures make the move as well. I guess this is goodbye for now fotolog. It has been fun but it has not been real fun....

Tuesday, October 19, 2004