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Friday, April 30, 2004

There needs to be an afterhours spot in the ATL that is famous for its selection of sparkling mineral water.

Thursday, April 29, 2004

Blimps are really cool marketing tools. It is a real shame that more companies aren't interested in this novel approach to advertising.

Ugh, what am I saying...

Blimps are arleady at the mercy of corporate welfare...

Tuesday, April 27, 2004

Downtown Atlanta, What can I say?

I had lunch today at Reuben's Deli at 57 Broad Street downtown. I like what is going on down on Broad street, at least around lunchtime. It feels very urban to me. Too bad that feeing only persists on Broad Street proper...
Now, I will propose a question.

Why is there not a Dean & Deluca or something like it downtown?

I already know the answer to this question. I guess I ask it just for kicks. I am well aware of the constant influx of people moving here from New York City, Why don't these folks try to bring some of their urban culture with them instead of simply assimilating into the sprawl around us? I know the answer to this question as well, I don't know if I need to share it as it only reflects the stupidity and selfishness of Americans in general.

I feel sorry for people who have to live downtown without access to really any of the services needed to survive in an urban location. There are no real bakeries, no real bars, no places to buy groceries. That dinky Kroger next to Sylvias does not count!! Speaking of Kroger, they just remodeled the one near my house, lets see if they can keep it clean now..

Downtown Atlanta could be better compared to an overpriced theme park than a place to live and work. The city has done its part to attract conventioneers and tourists downtown with such interesting locales. Places like Centennial Olympic Park, CNN Center, Underground Atlanta, and the World of Coca Cola. They just need to go ahead and change the name to whatever corporation wants it. I imagine Coca Colapolis or Home Depopolis, either one will work great for the city that is too busy to hate. Plus think of all that extra revenue...

As far as people living downtown, who would want to buy a 300,000 dollar residence downtown if they had to go all the way up to Buckhead to shop?
Well, if I could afford to buy a 300k loftominium then I guess I could also gas up the H2 and get all my shopping done OTP like the rest of the herd.

The weather outside is absolutely wonderful and I am inside as usual...Days like today really make me miss the joy of working out of doors. During my daily walk from five points MARTA to the office, I saw a bike courier riding over to file something at the USDC and a flood of memories came rushing back.

Yes, the couriers days, married to a bi-polar nutcase, not earning even enough money to buy a decent bicycle, living off Buford highway within the immigrant gang's turfwar zone. Good times, yes, good times indeed. What was I thinking?

Ahh, but the good memories of those times, the other bike messengers made me feel like I was part of an elite group of individuals who worked outside the system while all along providing the speed, flexibility, and punctuality to move the deliveries of architects, the doctors, the lawyers, the Ad agencies, the marketing agencies, I could go on with these groups for a while but I think you get the picture, all around the ATL. On an average day, I could easily ride about 50-60 miles, I ate nothing but fruit and bread, I drank copious amounts of coffee and water. The end of the work day found me at the stein Club in midtown on Peachtree Street. It was a great bar for couriers, it was a real dive. Cheap pitchers of beer and a nice private outdoor patio out back to wind down after a hard days work. Too bad it is now nothing more than a memory now.

Atlanta is like a memory to me now in a way. Nothing is a same as it was and strangely with all of this growth it seems that it is not getting better, it is only becoming something different. When I was much younger, Atlanta had real coffeehouses, locally owned, more hangout than the corporate coffee machine could ever be. Live music, low lighting, no pretense. I remember one such place with a great deal of fondness, it was called Homage and was over in the space presently occupied by Formosa.

There was another place on Ponce I feel needs mention as well, it was called the liquid bean and it was quite the spot. They were so low budget. They actually had a Mr coffee espresso machine and a cluttered room full of old mismatched sofas for relaxing. Who cares, its long gone now. Up the street from the bean was the first MJQ. Wait, I am not even going to get into that nonsense in this post today. Screw MJQ.

I feel that Atlanta may just be going nowhere fast. Things do change but rarely do they change in a positive way. I am not sure as to what I am getting at but it is like this city is missing something, something that could make it real. I will let you know when I figure out exactly what this may be....

Monday, April 26, 2004

I need another weekend, I can't believe that this one is gone already. Well, the yard sale was pretty much a disaster. I put so much effort into it and only generated $23.00 in revenue. Simply horrible. I had stacks and stacks of vintage design publications, Human rights Watch books, cool vintage REM t-shirts, glass art, and plants just to mention a few choice items. Well, actually the plants sold rather well. As far as the rest goes, check your local thrift store for whatever did not sell which was most of it.

I was considering spending my Saturday mornings participating in the Morningside organic farmers market and I think I should give it a go. I will need to get a Nursery permit and get started in doing something that I enjoy for a change as opposed to whatever it is I am doing now which is nothing.

Sometimes, I think I need to move to New York city. I just don't think Atlanta will ever get its act together....