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Tuesday, May 04, 2004

I just read an article in the May/June 2004 issue of Utne Reader about walking. I am not sure who this article was geared towards. Why is these sorts of messages always being repeated to the people that do not need to hear these types of messages? The Utne readers the people who with a high probability are already working towards change?

Yes, I walk every day. I gave up driving my porsche to work. Now when I refer to my porsche, don't be thinking the impure thoughts... I am not rich, it is a an older model one of the cheapest porsches on the road. It is a four cylinder, it may be sporty but it is not fast by any stretch of the imagination. I was told by own of my coworkers about a case of resentment caused by my porsche ownership. My director said, "How can HE own a porsche? I don't make enough $$$ to own a porsche..." She must think I am a real high roller in my 1978 924 with faded paint and a busted out driver's side window.


I am getting off topic. Back to the walk and to the message. By the way, Microsoft Windows sucks. Period. If my department would have invested in apples, we would not be having all of the stupid worm attacks...

Let's see, how long can I type until this computer crashes again? Hmmm, back to the message at hand. If walking is good for your health, good for the environment, and good for your mental health, would you do it? Would you choose to live close to where you work and walk there or ride a bicycle?

My guess that your answer is no. Why walk when you can drive? Why live close to work when you can have a nice two hour commute to save yourself the agony of living around minorities and the poor? Why I ask? The people of Atlanta could be compared to the nation as a whole in terms of intelligence, behavior, and culture. The automobile is king here. Parking is scarce even in the midst of all this sprawl ya'll. Most people who live in this city are shallow, cash grubbing, selfish, stupid and impolite and that is just when they get behind the wheel of a car.

I wonder sometimes why I care to even express these concerns. Nobody is taking up the gauntlet, changing their lives, trying alternative solutions. Did my quality of life improve since the car is out of the way? Not really but at least I can be honest about what I am doing to save the environment unlike some people I know.

I am not going to say any names but some people really would have you think that they are radicals or bonafide activists when in reality, they are just trying to be perceived a certain way by their peer group. One guy I know is all about fighting the power or at least making you think he is fighting the power when in reality he is a self-serving yuppie in disguise. He is one of those fucks who has to have the 17 inch titanium powerbook. He talks a good game but I can see through his little scheme. He was never arrested for participating in protests but he sent out an email telling others about it. He does not ride a bike but he has a Huffy.

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