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Monday, July 12, 2004

The all important weekend update:

Friday afternoon found me free from the bondage of work thanks in part to a program initiated by Phil Kent, one of the few executives in this company that I actually admire. It was a wonderful example of a hot and humid July afternoon. Luckily, the bus had the A/C on for the ride back home to the southside.

I had some of my own coconut chicken soup for a light dinner and by nine p.m., I was over at Alan & Tiffany's cocktail party. This of course is when the drinking started and lay the path to follow for the rest of the weekend. Mint Julip, Bourbon & Ice, Newcastle(s),Sake to name a few of the drinks that I poured into myself on Friday night made for a rather rough arrival into Saturday morning.

The light of the sun was so unrelenting in its pursuit of all-time brightness, the heat of midday seemed to have discovered a new home as the heat of first light. Lacking my sunglasses I took the glare with eyes squinted and lowered until I was able to seek refuge in my own cool & darkened room.

Saturday- More to come!

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