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Monday, August 16, 2004

Many members of the staff through no fault of their own view the company with a certain degree of skepticism. I believe this to be only but a natural reponse to a workplace that knowingly creates an environment of fear. This fear is mainly centered on the the fact that the company I work for lays off large amounts of people in times of perceived economic pressure. Usually the first people to be let go are the most recently hired or the other lowest compensated positions that can be filled again by someone else a just a few months down the road when the company discovers that they actually do need people to be performing these jobs.
How would you feel if you had to foreclose on the mortgage to your home or have your automobile repossessed and then be asked to come back a few months later for less pay? I have never seen any of the executives hurting for money. Why do I get to languish in squalor and still have to live in fear of losing everything? Do I really deserve this type of treatment? How is a free ice cream cone going to repair my shattered credit rating?

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