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Thursday, February 09, 2006

Fresh Air Bar-B-Que

Fresh Air Bar-B-Que
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Fresh Air Bar-B-Que is an authentic joint with several locations thoughout rural Georgia. The original location in Jackson on highway 87 is not here where I took this picture and it is the one that actually has been around since 1929. This establishment serves very basic BBQ and the standard fare is pulled pork. The sauce is also truly worth a mention as it is a thin vinegar/pepper based sauce with just a little but of tomato for color. I must admit that this sauce is the one by which I judge all others. That is probably due to its being the first barbecue sauce I remember enjoying as a child. The pulled pork was not too dry but on Saturday when I ate at this particular location, I felt like the meat was a little on the salty side. Fortunately the sweet tea helped correct that minor fault as my sandwich plate was great overall!

I also discovered that this particular location out on the Athens Highway used to a a BBQ place known as the Barbecue Shack. Its good to see a place like Fresh Air Barbecue carry on their fine southern traditions in other places besides Jackson, Georgia.

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