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Friday, June 18, 2004

It appears beheading Americans are all the rage these days with those "religious zealots" in the middle east.

Wow, maybe this is something I can finally get I the ground floor on, I am totally willing to jump aboard the beheading bandwagon but like any good American, I do have to set some conditions.

The first thing we need is a film crew to shoot the act from at least three different angles and actually use film as opposed to a cheap 8mm camcorder.

The second thing would be the need for a razor sharp scimitar to do the deed, what's the deal with the small knives? Talk about a poor choice of tool for the job...

No posting on websites, I need this to be shown over and over on Fox news until people are so sick of watching it, they stop watching television all together.

As ridiculous as this all seems, we really should take the time to thank our government for making the world a safer place for all Americans who live and work abroad.

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