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Friday, September 10, 2004

As the editor-in-chief around these parts, I feel the need to apologize to my readers for the lull in communications. It appears that strange times have befallen this literary ship at sea and through a rough passage of storms and swells, this tiny vessel is once again in sight of distant shorelines.

Sometimes it looks like I use this page to conjure up a vent, its a way to feel the sweet release of all that buried rage but I don't like to be that person. I need to express forms of happiness and contentment with the progress of my life. I have been spending some time on the thoughts of life and living and I am ready to move forward and no longer allow those old demons keep me from the realization of my potential in regards to my life.

I need to find another source of income, pull myself up by the bootstraps and forge ahead free and unhindered by a lack of resource. I fear that the wellspring of ideas that usually flows free could be damaged by my own lack of mental willpower.

It is high time to work, to achieve, and become the man that this stubborn bitter soul occupies. I went out last week on Wednesday night to ESL(formerly the Fountainhead Lounge..) for the last time.
This bar was responsible to awakening me to downtempo music and for that I am grateful but the place has stagnated in the way most places do around here. The novelty is gone and the owner(s) do not seem interested in moving forward. Fine. I hate to say it but I actually enjoy just staying at home and enjoying the fruits of my labour. I am no scenester, well not any more anyways, I really did not get too much out of the experience anyways. I did meet a few really great people that I still get to see on that rare and random occasion but I am not seeking anymore. The search has ended. How can I search for something when I do not even know what it is that I seek?

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