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Tuesday, September 14, 2004

I am finally taking food from home to eat instead of going down and spending $$$ in the atrium. What is strange, however, is that I am actually enjoying my home-built lunches over the $5-8 dollar fare that I have been used to getting.

I really miss the public school cafeteria at times, for a small amount of monetary outlay, one could eat a balanced meal. I remember the fresh baked rolls and how I longed to just gobble up a trayful. Thank goodness I never did that or I would be the size of a whale today.

Today I had Swedish chicken and onion balls with a small side of herb mashed potatoes, a gala apple I picked up last weekend in Elijay and a Big K sparkling water. Oh and a sliver of cheese from Switzerland added an element of dairy to the meal. It seemed to be a rather well rounded lunch and it did not cost me any extra than dinner cost me last night.

Here is the news item that I have to report today: The Kroger Citi Center on Cleveland avenue in intown Atlanta has been selling expired food. Instead of pulling these expired items like other grocers, it seems our friends at Kroger feel that the hard working people who shop at their store are not good enough to deserve the freshest products available.

In other news, as in the news from Iraq that no one seems to be concerned with any longer. The U.S. military said it was investigating an incident in Baghdad today in with American helicopters opened fire on civilians who were standing around an abandoned Army transport on Haifa Street. At least five people were killed, including a producer for Al-Arabiya television. It was a bad incident for journalists working in the area as a Reuters cameraman was also among those hurt in the attack. What is most disturbing about this death to me was that the producer was doing a live shot at the moment of his demise.

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