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Friday, September 17, 2004

As luck goes yesterday, as I was leaving my place of employment, the biggest feeder band of Ivan decided to pay a visit to intown Atlanta. I only live 6 miles from downtown and it took me almost an hour to get home. You may be thinking it took this long because of the power outages, nope, all the lights were working. It seemed that when people discovered that a tornado warning was in effect, it was time to get into the car and drive around aimlessly with their emergency flashers on and drive 10 miles per hour. Sure, there was some standing water but it was only a few inches deep. The longer you sit thinking about driving across, the deeper and deeper the water is surely going to get, so make a move or get out of my way because I know what my course of action is going to be.

We had almost gotten back home when a tow truck driver tried to close Sylvan road by parking across most of it. He had come to pull some crazy redneck's chevy truck out of a ditch. I am sure that the driver of the truck was operating his vehicle in a reckless manner so why should I have to stop and wait for his mistake to be corrected? By the time we encountered this scene, this tow truck driver had taken it upon himself to personally close the road despite the fact that there was little more than two inches of standing water over the road. We could not turn back at this point and sitting there for a half an hour was not an option. After waiting a few moments, we took the car over into the oncoming lane and blasted around him despite is cries for us to stop.

What comes over people when the weather turns foul? It seems everyone turns into monsters, stupid monsters.

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