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Monday, October 04, 2004


Afterhours, originally uploaded by jekemp.

A picture from Friday night down in the bar. It seems that a rift is forming between friends who have money and want to go out drinking all night everynight and the more socially conservative friends who feel that alcohol is best consumed in smaller doses and in the home among your closest confidantes.

On the note of alcohol, I drank some Czech Absinthe over the weekend and I must report that it is much stronger that the absente we can get around these parts. I must not have drank enough of the stuff as I saw no green fairies this time...


I served as dj at my friends loft warming party over at the Arizona Lofts. I realized that I don't live in the right part of Atlanta and this community like many other like it around the intown area seemed to be some kind of 20-30 something compound. I guess its nice to own my own home though, in the long run anyway as being around too many people my own age make me depressed.

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