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Friday, October 08, 2004

What has the web become? Can the web be all things for all people? or it it just a sorry excuse for reality. I have been doing some independent investigations and dear readers. Proper syntax and grammar alone will not let my blog hover above the rest. Let's face it, I am a social burnout. I am happy to be broadcasting this happy news to such a large forum.

Let's commence with the list,

Problems, Real & Perceived:

1. I have let others get the best of me.
2. I am aware of the worst aspects of myself.
3. I am constantly broke.
4. I did not go to a good college.
5. I don't know the "right" people.
6. I do not have wealthy parents.
7. I am not a "trust fund kid".
8. I don't read the New Yorker.
9. I am not interested in brand names or labels.
10.I don't jet around the world to attend pointless conferences.
11.I don't have time to get a haircut this week.
12.I can't afford to buy new clothes.
13.I don't own an automobile.
14.I am a lousy gardener.
15.I can't afford to buy good cheese.
16.I don't watch television.
17.I stink of cats
18.Cats seem to like me better than people
19.I don't really trust anyone.
20.I work for the media.
21.I live on the wrong side of the tracks
22. I lack good judgement.
23.I don't have an agent.
24.I have no talent.
25.I have made unwise decisions
26.I don't like to listen to rock and roll.
27.I don't like hypocritical "baby boomers"
28.I think I enjoy electric shocks
29.I think america is evil.
30.I am sick of partisan politics.
31.I don't know who I am.
32.I don't care who I am.
33.I descended from slaveholders
34.I don't follow the rules.
35.I stare at people.
36.I feel hollow inside.
37.I drink too much.
38.I have a weak will.
39.I avoid telling people my true feelings.
40.I hide from myself.
41.I am not afraid of evil~doers.
42.I am afraid of myself.
43.I dream of happier times.
44.I will videotape garbage rotting on hillsides
45.I make strange noises
46.I ride the bus sometimes
47.I want to be someone, someday.
48.I try to be normal inside.
49.I have grown weary of hipsters.
50.I get what I want
51.I never get what I want
52.I like cold air and numb fingers
53.I hate myself when I smoke.
54.I don't care about "fitting in"
55.I just want people to like me.
56.I want to like me.
57.I can be self~centered at times
58.I am aware of routine.
59.I take photographs
60.I have read too many books.
61. I have trouble knowing what I want.
62.I am aware that I will not get rich someday.

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