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Friday, October 22, 2004

There is good news today in the realm of my goals in higher education, it looks like my employer, Insert name here, a company within insert name here will be paying half of my tuition and education related expenses. This is perhaps the greatest perk this company has ever given me and I am truly grateful that such a thing exists here.
I am well aware that if it did not get this, I would never be able to go back unless I won the lotto or something. When I first discovered this program, I asked my immediate supervisor about it and he informed me that I was not eligible and my current job did not allow me such opportunities within the company. I am sure glad I went and asked another one of my managers because the information he gave me was simply not true. I have to admit that his response has caused me to distrust him in regards to my corporate well being.

I have wondered on a few separate times in the past when I never heard back from hiring managers or recruiters after I sent my resume out if they had called him to inquire about me.

I sometimes wonder what he would say...

Would he prevent me from leaving my post for better internal opportunities? Is he actively working against my perceived goals? Am I working along side a treacherous wolf in the guise of a mild mannered sheep?

I very well just may be...

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