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Monday, September 20, 2004

It is never easy to get out of bed on Monday morning and today was no exception. I am glad that I managed to take a shower and put on clean clothes. The things I did not manage to do included forgetting to bring my wallet to work. I hate when I do this, well, I just hate it when I just don't have time on my side and I never have enough time.

Last night, the weather here in Atlanta was wonderful. I did not even have to run the attic fan. Unfortunately, I had yet another re-occurring dream about a bizarre rectangle-like spacecraft tracking low in the heavens. Maybe it was all that buzz a couple of weeks ago about transmissions from space. I should have been having dreams about anything but spacecraft last night. I have to admit that aliens and alien technology actually frighten me. I would say much more so than clowns used to scare me as a young child. I know that this fear is without merit but what can I do to not dwell on the subject when dark craft from the unknown reaches of space find me looking upward and seeing them in the sky above?

Well, that is me for the moment but anyway, after some friendly discourse with friends and family on the subject of the upcoming elections, It has been determined that the democratic party in America has been incredibly weakened by GOP spin and if a road to recovery is not found soon, America will become a true one party system. Neato huh?

Let's see, Four more years of George W Bush in the White House, then I think Jeb Bush will be ready to give the oval office a whirl since by that time he will have succeeded in turning the coastline of Florida into a haven for Bush family oil derricks. I am willing to wager that the American people will really take to Jeb and decide that they need him for "four more years" and then by the 16th consecutive year of bush rule, the democrats will just be a sad and forgotten memory like the whigs or what party that Ross Perot created in the name of "reform."

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