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Wednesday, September 29, 2004

I have problems with some of these websites where people seem to post any/every picture they take. Ninety percent of the pictures that I take in a given period of time are garbage. I take these shots and delete them. I don't load them up for the world to see. This only proves that I am just another jackass American with a digital camera.

Do share the pictures that are artistic in nature or hold some sort of social or cultural significance to you or your peers. Believe it or not, nobody cares what you had for dinner down at the Golden Corral for example. There are so many underexposed, overexposed, and poorly conceived photos that are just taking up valuable bandwidth in cyberspace. Why is it like this?

Here is a tip for any/all aspiring digital photographers, Self portraits rarely turn out decently when you are holding the camera yourself. Please, for your own sake, go find someone to take your picture for you and in the end, it will allow for much more creative control of how the shot will turn out. Simple one. Huh?

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